Omar and Jennifer – The Cuddle

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All girls want to cuddle but when Jennifer wants to cuddle she is a bit aggressive. See Omar (@ohhjani) and Jennifer (@ericsworldtv) in action. Tell me how do you get your partner to cuddle in the comments below.

Jennifer: Omar? I want you to hold me.
Omar: What?
Jennifer: I want you to hold me
Omar: What the?
Jennifer: I want you to cuddle Omar
Omar: Why?!
Jennifer: Because I do! We’re a couple were supposed to cuddle come on
Omar: How you do this shit? How long am I supposed to stay like this?
Jennifer: All night Omar! This is what you do when you’re in love
Omar: But your hair itchy
Jennifer: So what
Omar: That stink
Jennifer: Im gonna wash it in the morning, i was at the gym earlier alright … i love this
Omar: Im supposed to sleep like this?
Jennifer: All night Omar YES! This is love!

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