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Shower Thoughts When I am deep in thought in the shower, I am thinking where do .. Bobby Pins go?

The shower, along with other parts of the bathroom, is one of the only places that we visit every day where our mind can totally disconnect from the troubles and distractions around us. One’s mind begins to wander, and when it does, it can occasionally come up with brilliant shower thoughts like these. Sharing such thoughts has become so popular that there’s an entire subreddit devoted to them on Reddit.com.

They’re pointless, they’re brilliant, and some of them are all-out hilarious. I’ve personally come up with some of my greatest plans and had some of my weirdest daydreams while in the shower. And where else would you take the time to consider the consequences of punching yourself in the face?

Be sure to check that subreddit out, or share any “shower thoughts” you’ve had with us in the comments below!

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