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John-Henry—Why-Not-Now-John Henry – Why Not Now?

John Henry – Why Not Now?

A docubiopic of young Harlem entrepreneur John Henry, who asked “Why not now?” and went from doorman to dry cleaner to dealmaker. Produced by Starring John Henry of New York, New York | @johnhenrystyle Directed & Edited by Ben Proudfoot | @bgproudfoot / Photographed by David Bolen | @davidbolen Music Composed, Orchestrated & […]

Flash Tarantino at Rucker Park

Flash Tarantino stops by Rucker park to shoot footage for the new sports app Overtime. Overtime has raised 2.5 million in seed funding and is said to have heavy hitting advisors such as David Stern, former NBA Commissioner.

Miguel Sanchez – Actiongram Microsoft Hololens app review and demo

The Hololens doesn’t cease to amaze. This Actiongram demo shows the ease of creating scenes that contain 3d computer graphics while in a Hololens and using the app. In the making of Avatar James Cameron was shown in the behind the scenes footage directing Live action actors and computer generated actors at the same time. […]